As ransomware attacks continue to impact organizations around the world, we are seeing more and more attacks that have an adjacent or direct impact on Operational Technology environments. As ransomware attacks continue to rise, how should companies think about the cyber to physical impacts to their OT environments? Organizations need to consider the steps they should be pursuing right now before a potential attack occurs, establish and implement procedures on how or if they should operate their systems during an attack, and what actions need to be taken after an attack.
Executives and Ransomware: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

Executives and Ransomware: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

In this discussion, James Shank of Team Cymru and Ryan Chapman of SANS will present the top seven themes for ransomware preparedness. Ransomware has become a pervasive threat in today's world. Everyone is aware of the threat, but that doesn't always translate into Executives knowing what to do to position their organizations well should the threat become reality. You'll leave this talk with a checklist that will enable your senior technical and security staff to ensure your company is well-positioned to combat this threat. Join us for a lively discussion and come prepared to take notes!

Snack Attack! Gamified Ransomware Defense Training

Snack Attack! is designed to engage learners while giving them the tools to prevent ransomware attacks from derailing your business objectives. In what promises to be the most captivating awareness program of the year, your learners will participate in fun, gamified exercises while learning how to thwart ransomware attacks.

SANS 2022 Ransomware Defense Report

The years 2020 and 2021 were undoubtedly the years of ransomware. This report looks at how ransomware defenses have changed from 2020 through 2022. It also explores ransomware threat actor changes, current trends, and how to implement defenses against those trends.

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RTF Report: Combatting Ransomware

A Comprehensive Framework for Action: Key Recommendations from the Ransomware Task Force

"We felt an urgent need to bring together world-class experts across all relevant sectors to create a ransomware framework that government and industry can pursue, and ensure the continued faith of the general public in its institutions." - Philip Reiner, IST CEO and Executive Director of the RTF

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Ransoming Critical Infrastructure - Emergency Webcast

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack by DarkSide demonstrated the vulnerabilities and effects of these incidents on Operational Technology (OT) environments worldwide. We see more and more concern regarding similar attacks and how organizations could approach and prepare adequate cyber defense and incident response plans for similar cyber incidents.

During the presentation, Tim Conway highlighted that over 30 similar outages on the Colonial Pipeline have occurred over the past 20 years due to storms, ruptures, or mechanical impacts.  The current pipeline disruption is the first cyber-related shutdown that has occurred.  Tim continued, “None of those 30 events bubbled up to a national level response at the scale we are currently seeing with the current cyber attack.”


Collective Leadership Thoughts About Ransomware

There's not just one sector that needs to pay attention to ransomware. If you own a business, lead a business, or are the technology or security decision maker, please take a step back and think about what you can do to protect your organization from attacks like this.