SANS OnDemand Mobile App FAQs

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Question: Is the mobile app available for all OnDemand courses?
Answer: Yes, the app is available for all OnDemand courses currently offered for sale. The app does not support demo courses.

Question: How do I log into the OnDemand app?
Answer: You log in using your SANS portal account username and password.

Question: Will I see all of my courses in the app?
Answer: Yes, if you are enrolled in multiple courses at the same time you will have access to all courses in the app.

Question: I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
Answer: You can click the Reset Password option from the app or reset your password from your SANS Portal account.

Question: Will I be able to access the app once my course has expired?
Answer: No, once a course has expired you will no longer have access to the app or any of the content you downloaded.

Question: What devices does the mobile app work on?
Answer: The mobile app is available on phones and tablets running the latest version of iOS or Android operating system.

Question: Can I use the app on a Microsoft Surface Pro?
Answer: No, the app is only supported on devices with iOS or Android operating systems.

Question: Can I use the app in both portrait and landscape modes on my device?
Answer: Yes, both modes are supported but for optimal performance we suggest using the app in portrait mode.

Question: When I log in, I get a message saying this app is only for users in an OnDemand course. Can I still access this app?
Answer: You must be currently registered in a SANS OnDemand course to access the mobile app. If you are registered for a course, using the correct SANS portal account and still receive this message please contact support at

Question: How do I know if I’m enrolled in a SANS OnDemand Course?
Answer: Log into to your SANS account portal and look at the course(s) listed under My Training.

Question: On the OnDemand Course Library page it says my course is expired. Can I still access the mobile app?
Answer: No, if you see your course has expired you will receive a message stating that you don’t have access to the mobile app if you try to login.

Question: How do I know what version of the app I’m using?
Answer: The app version can be found under settings.

Question: Are quizzes included?
Answer: Yes, quizzes are available when the device is online and in portrait/vertical mode. At this time, you cannot take a quiz if your device is offline or horizontal/landscape mode.

Question: My course has expired; do I still have access to the content I downloaded from the app?
Answer: No, once a course has expired you will no longer have access to the course or course content in the mobile app. Any content downloaded to your device is not accessible once the course expires.

Question: What are the features in OD Web that are not currently available in the app?
Answer: At this time the mobile app does not include the following features:

  • Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Direct SME support
  • Course evaluations
  • Access to Labs

Question: My mobile app progress is not syncing with my web progress. What do I do?
Answer: Check that your mobile device is online and that you have the latest version of the mobile app. Your course progress will only sync when your mobile device is online.

If your mobile device is online, you have the latest version of the mobile app, and your progress, is still not syncing, open one of your courses and then tap Settings in the lower right. From the Settings menu, tap Sync Progress. Tap the name of your course, and then tap the sync button to push your progress in the app to the player.

Question: I saw [x] number of courses last time I logged into the app and now I only see [y] number of courses. Why?
Answer: Check to make sure your courses have not expired. Expired courses are not displayed in the app.