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SANS offers world class, hands-on cybersecurity courses with expert SANS instructors – online, anytime and anywhere. Alongside your training, you can get the highest standard in cybersecurity certifications with GIAC.

SANS Institute is the world’s largest provider of cyber security training.

For over thirty years, we’ve provided cutting edge training to individuals, governments and organisations across the world, and to us, a SANS course is so much more than just training. Cybersecurity is an exciting career choice within everyone's reach and we are dedicated in our mission to make it accessible. With expert training, mentorship, and resources we help thousands of students reach their goals every year. We understand that cybersecurity is more than just a job, it’s a community of like minded, passionate people working to help make the world a safer place for everyone.

We are achieving more at home than ever before, learn how you can train with SANS from the comfort of your home.

When You’re Ready to Return to the Classroom

Where regulations allow it and in the safest possible setting, SANS has returned to the classroom. When you’re ready, SANS has live, interactive, In-Person training events where you will learn real-world cybersecurity skills directly from top industry experts. As always courses feature hands-on labs, cyber range challenges, and networking opportunities.

Take Your Cybersecurity Skills to the Next Level

If you’re new to SANS, you’re probably wondering where to start. SANS training and GIAC certifications can help you reach your goals, but first you need to find the right course or certification for you. Take this short, fun test to challenge your knowledge and see if you know more than you think you know. This isn’t an assessment test, but it can give you a bit of guidance on which SANS course could help you to level up.


Get Involved with a Growing Community

SANS Institute offers a wide variety of resources for you to use when looking to take your cyber security skills to that next level! World-class webcasts, white papers and posters are just the beginning. Have you checked out our various community newsletters, the ever expanding Reading Room and the Internet Storm Center? We encourage you to expand your knowledge with us every day to stay on top of your game.

Becoming the Best With the Best

We’re honoured to introduce you to our Rockstar instructors. They are the world’s leading experts in their field, and they bring their unique insight into the online classroom every single day. Your instructors go out of their way to ensure you leave your training session with new learnings that you can apply to your own role, right away.

Test Drive A SANS Course

Experience SANS Cybersecurity training via free course demos available for more than 45 SANS courses. See our top SANS Instructors in action, evaluate course subject matter and difficulty level, and try out the features of our battle-tested OnDemand platform with about an hour of free content.

Real Student Stories.

Don’t just take our word for it. We asked our community to tell us about their online training experience.

Every Story is Unique

Find out how SANS students are continuing to develop their skills alongside real-life commitments

Free Resources

No technical experience is required to start your journey towards a cybersecurity career. Begin learning the basics with these free resources.