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SANS Ethical Hacking training courses teach the methodologies, techniques, and tactical tools of modern adversaries. Offensively focused and hands-on training is essential for all information security practitioners. Knowing how to attack gives keen insight into proper defensive, vulnerability assessment, and forensic and incident response processes. For seasoned and skilled pen testing professionals, SANS offers advanced and intensive ethical hacking courses on exploitation development, Metasploit Kung Fu, wireless, mobile, and IoT device hacking, plus web and cloud penetration testing.

"I truly believe that SANS educators are the very best in the world. It is an honor and privilege that I get to work with these fellow instructors to teach people hands-on cyber security skills all around the planet. Each and every one of these skilled and knowledgeable practitioners has earned my respect in the classroom and I know that you'll be in the very best of hands in our pen test courses." - Ed Skoudis, Curriculum Lead, SANS Penetration Testing

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Great class, great content, great presenter... this is my 4th SANS class and I think every IT leader and decision maker should be taking this training. I will say that to as many people as I can.
Jonathan Kimmitt
- University of Tulsa
Fantastic experience all-around. Cannot wait to take another course from SANS.
Daniel Vandermark
- SUNY Oswego
SANS training never fails to impress. Instructors who are in the trenches sharing current data, tools, and techniques, bring such value to these courses.
Jessie Prevost
- Trend Micro