SANS Affiliate Training for GIAC Certifications

The best way to prepare for your GIAC Certification attempt is with training and labs. Visit for more prep tips!

Bundle Pricing for GIAC Certification Attempts purchased with SANS training
Pricing for GIAC Certification Attempts purchased in association with SANS training is $979.00 (as of November 1, 2023)

Pricing for GIAC Certification Attempts purchased after SANS training

GIAC recommends that you contact to identify if your training can be linked to the correct version of the affiliated exam as the exams are updated frequently. This ensures that you have the correct study materials for preparation.

  • Alumni of a SANS training course wishing to attempt the associated GIAC certification at a later date can purchase the exam attempt for $979.00
  • For example, if you previously took SANS SEC401 (Security Essentials) and register for the GSEC certification attempt later on, you are eligible to add the associated exam attempt for $979.00
You will receive an email notification when your certification attempt has been activated in your account.

All GIAC Certification exams are web-based and required to be taken in a proctored environment. There are two proctoring options: remote proctoring through ProctorU, and onsite proctoring through PearsonVUE. Click here for more information.

GIAC exams are delivered online through a standard web browser.