Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience

Partnering with SANS, the world’s best cybersecurity training, delivers positive ROI through an elevated security posture and cybersecurity strategy that supports your business goals.

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Cybersecurity training is vital for keeping your business secure.

The proactive approach

Bolster your organization’s cybersecurity resilience strategy across all levels of the business, from frontline employees to executives, non-technical and technical alike.

Executives and Leadership

Cybersecurity training with simulations for leaders, sharpening strategic decision-making and risk management in cyber contexts


Cybersecurity Practitioners

Comprehensive classroom training to build foundational and advanced cybersecurity skills, tailored for security professionals


Intermediate Roles

Focused curriculum addressing specific cybersecurity aspects to enhance role-specific security competencies


Every Employee

Engaging security awareness training and practical phishing simulations to equip staff with essential cyber-safe habits

Case Study: Airbus

Discover how Airbus Cybersecurity leveraged SANS Cyber Workforce Development Solutions to build a high performing team. Airbus Cybersecurity is a well-known cybersecurity partner for many organisations and governments. Working together with SANS, they've trained their staff to some of the best practitioners in the industry. But also using other tools provided by the SANS Institute, they've managed to recruit, train and retain their cybersecurity teams. Practices they have also replicated to meet the needs of their own customers. Watch the case study video to learn more.

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