Training Solutions for Cybersecurity Teams

Everything you need to build, develop, and train your cyber security team.

Case Study: Airbus

Discover how Airbus Cybersecurity leveraged SANS Cyber Workforce Development Solutions to build a high performing team. Airbus Cybersecurity is a well-known cybersecurity partner for many organisations and governments. Working together with SANS, they've trained their staff to some of the best practitioners in the industry. But also using other tools provided by the SANS Institute, they've managed to recruit, train and retain their cybersecurity teams. Practices they have also replicated to meet the needs of their own customers. Watch the case study video to learn more.

Real World Ready eBook

Real World Ready: New Cyber Trends & Training in 2023

As the tactics of cyber adversaries evolve, the tools and techniques we use to defend ourselves must also adapt. This eBook offers a glimpse into the key threats that are expected to emerge as forecasted by SANS experts, and practical advice on the measures organizations can take to ensure their cyber teams are prepared to face the dynamic threat landscape.