SANS Rocky Mountain Fall is Live Online! Join us Nov 2-7 MT for 17 interactive courses + NetWars. Save $300 thru 10/7.

Live Online Training

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Benefits of Live Online Training

Live, interactive sessions with SANS instructors

Flexible options to complete courses in 1, 2, 3, or 6 weeks

Hands-on labs in a virtual environment

Four months of online access to the archive of your course

Extended access to your course MP3 archive

Electronic courseware and materials

Live Online Training

Featuring many of the activities that SANS students love at training events - Live Online is a fun and flexible way to learn.

Courses & Certifications

Learn the latest skills from the world's best instructors

Bonus Sessions

Learn beyond the classroom with exclusive access to instructor led break-out sessions

Cyber Ranges

Practice your skills in NetWars Tournaments and CTFs


Live chat with peers and instructors throughout your course

Live Online Events

Instructor led, remote delivery of SANS courses & more.

SANS Live Online events provide interactive training with all the same additional learning opportunities as in person events.

Choose your course, network with peers, attend bonus sessions and cyber ranges.

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Live Online Pace Options

Livestream SANS' world-class, hands-on courses with instructor-led online training at your preferred pace.

1 Week Format

Finish your training in a week, during the day, and attend virtual bonus sessions with fellow students

  • Daily sessions
  • Full day sessions
  • Two to six consecutive days
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2 Week Format

Finish your training quickly, in the evenings

  • Five sessions per week
  • Half day sessions

3 Week Format

Get more time between morning sessions and labs, plus extended access to your course MP3s

  • Four sessions per week
  • Half day sessions

6 Week Format

Get the most time possible between evening sessions, plus extended access to your course and subject-matter expert support

  • Two sessions per week
  • Half day sessions

"I'm really happy with the interaction with the other students. This is my first Live Online course and I'm surprised at the proactive engagement of the students. I would have thought that you could only get that type of involvement from on-site/in-person course instruction." - Sean Ayers, UPS

"I've loved all the SANS delivery platforms. This is my first Live Online course, but it's been just as awesome as my OnDemand ones. Good quality, excellent tools so we have a lot of variety in learning activities." - Melissa Raney, RSA / Dell Technologies