Are you looking to level up your blue team skills? Do you want to optimize your current skillset and become even better at defending your organization and its’ assets? Want to learn how you can mitigate the most recent attacks?

“One of the most dangerous things for a security professional is what you think you know”

Keith Palmgren, SANS Senior Instructor

Data breaches and organizations being hacked have become part of the daily news, But why is that? Why do some organizations get broken into and others do not.The problem is they are doing good things but not the right things. Good things will lay a solid foundation but the right things will stop your organization from being headline news in the Wall Street Journal. Do you know what those best practices are? Because as a cyber defender you need to be right 100% of the time. Those bad guys only need to be right once.

Test your current Skill Set

Want to put your cyber defence (and other cyber security) skills to the test? Take this short, fun test to see if you know more than you think you know. This is not an aptitude test, but it can give you a bit of guidance on what SANS course is best suited for you to take next.


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