Lethal Forensicator Coin Holders

Holders of the Lethal Forensicator Coins are properly trained incident responders or investigators who sometimes represent the only defense an organization has in place during a compromise or a complex digital investigation. These analysts know what they are up against and continually strive to further not only their own knowledge, but also the knowledge of the entire digital forensics field.
DFIR Coins

Lethal Forensicator Coins are awarded to those who show exceptional talent, make outstanding contributions to the field, or demonstrate leadership in the digital forensics profession and community.

If you are one of the rare students who has been awarded the hard-earned Lethal Forensicator Coin prior to 2024, please use the buttons below to explore previous years' lists. The pages are divided by August-December 2023 and every winner up to August 2023.

All 2024 recipients can be found in the tables below.

April 2024

Daniel Adegboye
Ralf Almon
Jacob Austin
Carl B
Conan Beach
Jack Broadway
Tony Clements
Chris Coombes
Andrew E
Tyler H
Christopher Hammond
Luis Ibanez
Roman Krahling
Vamsi Krishna
Antonio Mastroluca
John McCash
Laura McGregor
Ricky Millott
Lewis Moore
Bruno Philippe
Cullen Rezendes
Emil Tafteberg Madsen
Will Thomas
Nils Uggerud
Robert Utzig
Lior Van Dam
Thijs van der Spek
Christian Wallin
Mark Willems
Brett Williams
Imran Zaman

March 2024

Madhumitha Anbarasu
Chris Archer
Aayush Bhusal
John S Brown
Nick Cheng
Adam Dinok
David Dreher
Kathy Lee Kek Eng
John Garrett
Johannes Graat
Katelin Grogan
Babanpreet Kaur
Tadas Liaukevicius
Tan Liliang
Max E. Lopez
Andrew Mew
Edmund Phillips
David Roman
Derek Sanders
Hazel Schapel
Stephanie Schott
Warren Smith
Brenda Ta
Moses Tay
Sze Ying TAY
Christopher Tessitore
Jordan Tizley
Suyash Tripathi
Alden Wang

February 2024

Charlotte Bradley
Benjamin Campos
Forrest Connelly
Arzan Elchidana
Luis Garcia
Spencer Hendee
Zain Hussain
Assad Khan
Aditya Mahajan
Nicklas Alex Nielsen
Pattapong Panrawee
Frederick Sanks
Alden Schmidt
Arnaud Seysen
Arthur Sims
Jesse Smith II
Jusu Sonnah
Raymond Stroud
Eugene Tay
Ryan Tick
Robin Van der Gucht
Nicole Weber
Jonathan White

January 2024

Yuhei Ashida
Daniel Besmer
Magnus Haaland
Jon Hagan
Akinari Kagoshima
Marius Kotlarz
Emiliano Martinez Sr.
Koki Matsuno
Simona Miani
Hironori Miwa
Misato Nose
Fabian Pasing
Álvaro Planet
Matthias Terlinde
Robin Wagenaar