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SANS CyberTalent Assessment FAQ

Q: How are the assessment questions developed?
A: CyberTalent assessment questions are written by GIAC subject matter experts and are derived from the skills required to pass GIAC exams. While these questions are not the same as those used on GIAC exams, they assess the same skills.

Q: Who can view the results reports?
A: Only assessment managers, usually the employer who purchased the seats, have access to individual results. If the assessment is used during interview and hiring process, job candidates do not see the results.

Q: How are SANS CyberTalent Assessments given?
A: Assessments are delivered online through the GIAC Exam Engine.

Q: Are SANS CyberTalent Assessments validated by EEOC?
A: SANS Cyber Talent Assessments have not been validated under section 703(h) of the EEOC Act.

Q: How long are assessments available after I purchase them?
A: Purchased assessments are available online for 4 months.

Q: I am being prompted for a password, what do I use or how do I create one?
A: To access and assessment, you will need to have a SANS Portal Account. You will use the same password for your SANS account to access the assessment.

Q: How much time will I need to take an assessment?
A: Assessments are one-hour long. Time will not be added if you do not complete the assessment in the one-hour timeframe.

Q: Can I stop and restart my assessment?
A: No, once you log in and start your assessment, you cannot start and restart. The assessment will not be accessible after you logout.