Get Started in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an exciting career choice within everyone's reach. If you're curious, enjoy working with computers, and like solving challenges and puzzles, you already have your foot in the door! With the right training, mentorship, and resources, you can become an in demand cybersecurity candidate and secure a well-paying, mission-critical job. Utilize the training, programs and community resources below to get started on your own cybersecurity journey.

Learn the Fundamentals

Start gaining real-world skills and knowledge from the top experts in cybersecurity. Four proven training options enable you to select a starting point for your cybersecurity learning journey.

New to Cyber Field Manual

This manual contains several sections, each focusing on different ways to develop cybersecurity skills. If you focus efforts on each one, you will gain exposure to the industry and be able to better define your specific pathway and interests.

Programs to Join Now

See if you qualify for one of the free training programs running now, and share these opportunities with others who may also qualify. Together, through security education and awareness, we will create a safer global community.

20 Coolest Careers in Cybersecurity

In our economy of increasing need for cybersecurity professionals, training in this profession puts you at an advantage in comparison to other industries. Safe in the knowledge that unemployment in this sector is so low, the investment of time and money to improve your cybersecurity skills is a wise move.

Organizations are hiring individuals with a unique set of skills and capabilities, and seek those who have the abilities and knowledge to fulfill many new job roles in the cybersecurity industry. We've put together a list of careers in cybersecurity that are the coolest and most in-demand by employers.


SANS Technology Institute Degrees and Certificates

Once you’ve established fundamental cybersecurity knowledge, SANS.edu prepares you to master core and advanced cybersecurity practices through experiential and project-based learning lead by SANS expert instructors.


Great class, great content, great presenter... this is my 4th SANS class and I think every IT leader and decision maker should be taking this training. I will say that to as many people as I can.
Jonathan Kimmitt
- University of Tulsa
Fantastic experience all-around. Cannot wait to take another course from SANS.
Daniel Vandermark
- SUNY Oswego
SANS training never fails to impress. Instructors who are in the trenches sharing current data, tools, and techniques, bring such value to these courses.
Jessie Prevost
- Trend Micro