Information Security Aptitude Assessments

SANS Assessments are delivered through a web-based tool. There are 30 questions and users have 60 minutes to complete the Assessment. Online reports summarize each user’s results in detail. Information Security Aptitude Assessments are $150 each with a minimum purchase of 25 total assessments.
Identifying High-Potential Talent

Talent: A natural ability or aptitude. A capacity for achievement and success. Everyone is looking for cyber talent, and the SANS CyberTalent Aptitude Assessment identifies individuals with high potential. It uses objective data to measure an individual's aptitude and capacity for achievement in cyber.

Elements of Potential Success in Cyber

In broad terms, the types of elements the assessment aims to measure include technical comprehension, problem solving, and knowledge application. It measures them with a unique combination that assesses both common aptitude attributes and unique cybersecurity-specific attributes identified by SANS experts and aptitude researchers.

Correlation with GIAC Certification Success

Performance on the CyberTalent Aptitude Assessment is an indicator of success in training and certification. Results have shown a high correlation with success in GIAC certifications.