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SANS Security Insights: Category - Ransomware

Ransomware Magnified in the Cloud

By Deb Radcliff, Creative Director, SANS Analyst Program

A small company with around 50 users was put out of business for a week last year because of ransomware that encrypted files on a local drive that then replicated back to other endpoints through the cloud.

The ransomware did not actually go into the cloud directly, but instead it just encrypted the local folder on the user's drive, which then synched to the cloud when the user accessed applications, according to Elisha Riedlinger, COO of NeuShield, who was called after the infection occurred. At that point, all the data in the cloud was then encrypted and the encrypted data was sent back down to all other systems requesting access to the data.

Just Say No to Ransomware

Just Say No to Ransomware By Deb Radcliff Editor-in-Chief, SANS Analyst Program Ransomware is pervasive and it's boggling the collective brains in the FBI, which in 2015 suggested it might be easier for victims to pay ransom rather than attempt to decrypt the captured systems. Now, nearly a year later, the FBI has started asking … Continue reading Just Say No to Ransomware