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The following tournaments, In-Person or Virtual, are included with any 4-6 day paid course. Click on the location for more information about the SANS Training event.
DateLocationNetWars Tournament
Jul 18-19Washington, DC | USCore NetWars
Cyber Defense NetWars
Jul 18-19Amsterdam | NLCyber Defense NetWars
Jul 25-26Amsterdam | NLCore NetWars
Aug 1-2Virtual | British Summer TimeCore NetWars
Aug 8-9London | GBCore NetWars
Aug 22-23Amsterdam | NLCyber Defense NetWars
Aug 27-28Salt Lake City, UT | USDFIR NetWars
Sep 5-6London | GBDFIR NetWars
Sep 7-8Las Vegas, NV | USCore NetWars
Sep 12-13Amsterdam | NLCyber Defense NetWars
Sep 19-20Baltimore, MD | USCore NetWars
Sep 19-20Paris | FRCyber Defense NetWars
Sep 26-27Copenhagen | DKCyber Defense NetWars
Oct 3-4Prague | CZDFIR NetWars
Oct 8-9Riyadh | SADFIR NetWars
Oct 10-11Amsterdam | NLCore NetWars
Oct 15-16Riyadh | SACore NetWars
Oct 17-18Munich | DECyber Defense NetWars
Oct 24-25Munich | DEDFIR NetWars
Oct 31 - Nov 1Orlando, FL | USCore NetWars
Oct 31 - Nov 1Virtual | Greenwich Mean TimeCore NetWars
Nov 2-3Universal City, CA | USCore NetWars
Nov 7-8London | GBCore NetWars
Nov 14-15Amsterdam | NLDFIR NetWars
Nov 21-22Coral Gables, FL | USDFIR NetWars
Nov 21-22Amsterdam | NLCyber Defense NetWars
Dec 5-6London | GBCyber Defense NetWars
Dec 12-13Frankfurt | DECyber Defense NetWars
Dec 16-17Washington, DC | USCore NetWars
Dec 19-20Amsterdam | NLCore NetWars
Feb 20-21New Orleans, LA | USICS NetWars
Mar 6-7Baltimore, MD | USCore NetWars
Apr 16-17Orlando, FL | USCore NetWars
DFIR NetWars
May 8-9San Diego, CA | USCore NetWars
Jul 17-18Washington, DC | USCore NetWars
Cyber Defense NetWars