Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy

CSDA is an all-inclusive program focused on providing cybersecurity education for women of all ethnicities and minorities - Black, Latinx, and Native American- career changers with a high aptitude and passion for cybersecurity. If you have questions, please contact us at

Must be a Cyversity member.

This scholarship-based cybersecurity training program is geared towards the following individuals:

  • Women of all races.
  • All Hispanic, Latinx, Native American, Black, African American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander men.
  • Unemployed or underemployed people of color.
  • Community college, college, and graduate students of color not currently working in cybersecurity or pursuing a degree in cybersecurity.
I feel this program has opened up doors previously not available to me. I may not have hit my career goals yet (Incident Response), but I feel like it'll be a much shorter journey thanks to these courses.
Kirsten Villa
- Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy - California Pilot Program Alumni
The academy allowed me to take the next steps to launch my career. It allowed me to form a better understanding of what info. sec is, and how it can be applied.
Siatta Adams
- Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy - California Pilot Program Alumni
I believe it gave me a jump start to core cyber security knowledge in order to obtain knowledge in the industry.
Armaan Kapoor
- Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy - California Pilot Program Alumni
It has helped me push myself to realize my full potential in terms of being able to self study and discipline myself to problem solve and achieve something fulfilling.
Aqeel Mohamed
- Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy - California Pilot Program Alumni
This provided me with practical & essential information to protect & secure live environments & data. The instructors, mentors, career specialists, & project managers inspired me to continue learning & grow my skills.
Daniel Yuen
- Cyversity SANS Diversity Academy - California Pilot Program Alumni
    How the Application Process Works

    Interested candidates will follow the application process below:

    • Candidate completes a web application form.
    • Qualified candidates will be sent a link to take an Assessment.
    • Candidates must complete the assessment test within five days unless otherwise specified.
    • Qualified candidates will be invited to a phone interview.
    • Candidates that are not qualified will also receive a notification of their status.
    • Applicants must be willing to provide a testimonial of their Academy experience and career path upon the successful completion of the program.

    Numbers at a Glance

    The Cyversity SANS Cyber Security Academy is a 100% free diversity, equity and inclusion program.
    50 Participants will be eligible for GFACT (SEC275)
    20 participants will receive advanced SANS training and GIAC certifications to launch careers in cybersecurity.
    2,200+ SANS Academy participants globally to date.

      Vendor Training

      • Cyversity will award qualified applicants access to the following industry training:
        •  Google Cloud Leadership Training
        •  Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity

      SANS Foundational Training

      • 50 applicants will be awarded access to the SANS SEC275 training course + GFACT Certifications.

      Advanced SANS Training

      • 20 Applicants will continue to move forward by taking additional SANS training courses and GIAC certifications.