Staying relevant in the dynamic cybersecurity industry

Yutaka Motegi Senior Director, Softbank Corporation

Why do you think Cyber Security is important? Affect of Zero Trust Model

In terms of defense, it is extremely important to learn an attackers perspective and how they utilize the tools. As teleworking has become more prevalent, the way of work has also evolved. One of the most notable aspects of this is that we are accessing our network system from various locations, devices and networks.

In this situation, security cannot be sufficiently ensured with the traditional perimeter defense approach. This is how the concept of Zero Trust is rapidly emerging. The idea of Zero Trust is to investigate maliciousness for all access from any network.

As security is becoming more sophisticated, it is becoming more important to have a skilled human defense, therefore the upskilling of the individual is critical.

The importance of Security Training

There are 2 main reasons why security training is important. One is to understand the theory of cyber security. The other is to experience the results of the training through practice. These are the two most important aspects in security training.


The reason why we chose SANS was, SANS implements both theoretical knowledge and practical training methods. What I mean by practical training is, uncovering what is happening when the attack is successful, and understanding the attackers perspective.

Secondly, the training is segmented into different focus areas and training levels. The training is designed to develop comprehensive hands-on skills. Each focus area offers a variety of levels and an increasing number of courses as the training gets more advanced.

GIAC certification and Hands-On Labs

The training methods SANS offer are extremely beneficial for our company. As for GIAC certifications and the Hands-on labs, participants are able to execute commands and tools as if it is a game. It’s very helpful that they get actual feedback through the hands-on labs. Also, it is a fun way to learn and acquire knowledge on security and prepare for the GIAC Certifications

How has SANS Training affected the talent development?

We are able to visualize the teams’ skill set through the SANS Training and GIAC certifications. Also, by setting a goal for GIAC and SANS Training, the participants are able to upskill while they enjoy the learning experience.

Completed SANS Courses

GIAC Certifications