SANS Training Policy

SANS Training Policy

The SANS Institute provides high quality training in different modalities, including live in person, live online, or on demand training.By registering for SANS-providing training, you (“User”) agree to abide by the following:

Student Comments and Course Evaluations

SANS asks participants to complete an evaluation.Completing the evaluation is voluntary.If you complete an evaluation, you consent to SANS utilizing quotes from your evaluation for marketing and testimonial purposes, including the use of your name and employer /organization that you include on the evaluation.User is responsible for ensuring that User’s employer /organization allows you to include its name on the evaluation.

If you do not wish for SANS to utilize quotes from your evaluation, please indicate as such on the evaluation before turning it in to SANS.In addition, if at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to SANS’s use of quotes attributed to you and identifying your company/organization included on your evaluation, please write to


User will behave professionally in any training, certification class or exam or other SANS-hosted environment.The use of obscene or sexually harassing language, and abusive or threatening behavior directed at SANS personnel or other users is not conducive to a learning environment.Improper conduct can result in the expulsion from any SANS-provided training, event hotel and/or forfeiture of registration and or certification fees.

Certifications Registration with Training

Users that register for SANS-provided training may also register for a GIAC certification at a reduced fee in coordination with the training; provided, the User must register for the GIAC certification by the last date of the training to obtain the discounted GIAC certification.Conversely, if User does not desire to go through with the GIAC certification, User must cancel the GIAC certification registration by the last day of the training.Refunds for GIAC certifications are not permitted after the close of the training.

SANS-Provided Internet Use

If User will use SANS-provided Internet access during training, User agrees and understands the following uses of such Internet are strictly prohibited:

  • Access, upload, download, or distribution of pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material
  • Transmittal of obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit language
  • Violation of any local, state, or federal laws or regulations
  • Access, download or distribution of information from web sites of groups or persons advocating hate crimes or other violence
  • Vandalism or damage to the property of another individual or organization
  • Access another individual’s materials, information, or files without permission
  • Use of scanning or hacking exploit tools on public networks
  • Violation of any copyright or infringement of the intellectual property of another individual or organization

Delivery Format and Event Instructor

SANS makes every effort to ensure the scheduled delivery format (In-Person & Live Online) and the instructor advertised on our event pages, will indeed be the case at the event start date.However, should circumstances arise that require a change to either the format (i.e., changing from In-Person to Live Online) or instructor, SANS reserves the right to make those changes at any time. SANS will contact User if changes arise; however, SANS will not reimburse User for travel or other fees incurred due to a delivery format or instructor change.

Safety Acknowledgment

At all SANS in-person training events, enhanced health and safety measures were implemented by the venue owner and SANS to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. These measures conform with the latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Country, State, Regional and Local government health agencies/authorities.User agrees and acknowledges that User will not attend in-person training if User has COVID-19 symptoms or was ordered, requested or advised to be under self-isolation or quarantine 5days prior to the event start date.By attending SANS in-person training, User agrees to adhere to all venue and SANS classroom health and safety measures, and you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

Photo and Recording Release

SANS may have photographers taking photos and/or videos of the event that may include User as an event participant.By participating in the event, User consents to any such filming of the event which may include User and authorizes SANS to reproduce such photos or videos that include your image or likeness in marketing materials, promotional videos, social media channels, websites and other advertising and promotional materials without compensation for as long as SANS desires to use such photos or videos.

At the event, SANS will include signage and provide announcements to make attendees aware of when photographers will take photos or videos so attendees can avoid being in the area who do not want their image or likeness taken.Additionally, if User does not wish to be included in event filming, SANS requests that you make your wishes known to SANS staff before entering the event.Attendees may be asked to wear a wristband or other form of signage to alert photographers of their desire not to be included in event filming.While SANS will use reasonable efforts to exclude you from event filming if requested, by registering for the event User understand there is a difference between being the main subject of a photo or video and being depicted incidentally in the background as part of a larger crowd.SANS cannot guarantee that you will not be included in event filming in an incidental manner.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent to SANS Institute’s use of your image or likeness in event photography or filming, please write to

Transfer Policy

After User’s order for SANS-provided training has been authorized by SANS and course materials have been shipped to the registered account set up by User, access to the training cannot be transferred to a different user or account.

Refund Policy for Training Events

If User cannot attend a training event and there is no one to replace User at the training event, User may submit a refund request in writing to requests must be submitted by the deadline date specific to User’s training event.To find the specific deadline date for User’s training event, please go to training event link at and click on the cancellations link.User is responsible for submitting a refund request by the deadline date for the training event in which the refund is sought.

Replacement Course Materials

SANS does not replace course materials following User’s attendance of training.SANS is not responsible for lost or missing course materials.If attending live in-person training, User may purchase replacement course materials (not to exceed three books in total) for an additional fee of $50.00 USD per book.Payment in full is required by User to SANS prior to distribution of replacement course materials.