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SANS EndUser Training

Change User Behavior. Mature Your Program. Protect Your Organization.

Training for All

Dynamic, effective computer-based training teaches vital security behaviors, ensuring every employee is engaged. With different training styles to match your corporate culture, employee comprehension levels and learning preferences, SANS EndUser Training equips your workforce to recognize and prevent current cyber threats. Each style supports a specific audience or training goal.

Your Program, Our Expertise

SANS experts have selected the most integral core risk and compliance topics to address employee security behaviors. Instead of digging through a crowded catalog of frivolous content, select the topics that matter most to your organization while adhering to your corporate culture and organizational needs. With short, modular, multilingual, expert-developed content provided in a variety of formats, eliminate training burnout by tailoring your security awareness training program to relevant issues and timing requirements.

Focus on your program outcomes, not surfing through endless modules.


You are the first defense in protecting your organization. Utilize the best EndUser Training available to train your learners the correct security behaviors. Sign up and see a demo now.


Put your Learner’s Knowledge to the Test

Security Awareness Training doesn’t have to be redundant. Allow learners to focus on the topics they have yet to master with SANS EndUser Training assessments and testing. 

PreCheck Testing: Recommended for return learners to test out of the modules in which they are proficient. When learners correctly answer all the questions for an objective, the associated module will be considered complete.


Target Your Learners without the Guesswork

The expertly-created comprehensive training for employees will help you build a powerful program that embodies your organization’s needs and learning levels.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building a program to suit your organization’s specific culture. Training can be crafted into a custom mix of training to cover the relevant awareness topics and can be hosted on nearly any platform. 

Our culturally appropriate content allows you to utilize the right style, tone, and language of training that is appropriate for your workplace. The content can be customized with your organization’s logos and the materials have been translated across over 30 languages, delivered in video, voiceover, transcripts, and subtitle formats.


Supplemental Materials to Keep Learners Engaged

If your organization wants to take your employee cyber security training program beyond computer-based training and progress further on the maturity curve, consider the full library of Engagement Toolkits.

This supplemental material helps to continually engage learners in addition to the regularly scheduled video or gamified training you have administered. New Engagement Toolkit materials are released on a monthly basis and cover important concepts like malware or phishing.


Learning Module Tracks

From essential topics, such as Data Privacy, Malware and Phishing; to compliance and regulatory topics like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or PCI DSS, SANS EndUser Training has a comprehensive list of training that addresses your organization’s security awareness concerns. SANS Security Essentials address the 10 core human risk areas that impact all people and organizations and is most commonly deployed as an annual course. Security Extras modules cover role-based training, the modern workforce and digital transformation. Compliance modules address any regulatory requirements your organization may have.

Your LMS or Ours

Deploy SANS Security Awareness training in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) to streamline your security awareness training with other corporate trainings or use the SANS-hosted platform. We’ve partnered with SAP Litmos to provide you with an award-winning Learning Management System that offers the best user experience in the industry for both administrators and learners. Easily create and deliver training anytime, anywhere, and on any device with robust tracking and reporting at every step. Measure effectiveness and grow your program from one central location.