Phishing Simulation Training is a Critical Tool

80 %

of companies around the globe attacked.

# 1

delivery vehicle for spam is through phishing email attacks.

400 +

business a day are targeted by email compromise scams.

4 x

the amount of spam emails have increased in the last year.

Integrated Phishing Simulation Training for Employees

Get the most out of your phishing training program with SANS Phishing Simulation Tool. Consistently reinforce the importance of security and create a top-notch defense against any kind of phishing attack. SANS offers comprehensive training and programs for all aspects of a security awareness program that allows you to tailor your training curriculum to maximize impact.  


Robust Phishing Awareness Training that Changes Behavior

You need phishing simulation that you can trust. SANS offers phishing training and campaigns for employees in formats that are easily digestible and in methods that encourage positive behavior change. Our extensive catalog of phishing content is constantly evolving and is highly customizable. Translate campaigns within our phishing platform to reach everyone in your organization. Implement ongoing training with an entire library of supplemental materials covering all areas of cyber threats.


Actionable Metrics

Time is a valuable commodity to security awareness professionals, which is why phishing reporting and management needs to be simple, fast, and comprehensive. SANS Phishing Simulation Tool provides digestible, visual dashboards for you to build and manage campaigns in minutes. Determine future assessments and target training needs by user. Automatically assign incremental training based on report outcomes.


Phishing is and will remain to be one of the most common, and successful, methods for adversaries to penetrate organizations. It is effective and low cost to the adversaries. It should be well understood by defenders.

Robert M. Lee , Dragos, Inc. | Certified SANS Instructor