What is NERC CIP?

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protocol (CIP) plan has nine standards featuring 45 requirements for the security and safety of electronic  perimeters. Within these standards, there are policies outlining compliance for personnel surrounding security management, disaster recovery planning and incident reporting and response planning.


End-to-End CIP Training

The NERC CIP Security Awareness Training utilizes a proven framework based on the 20 Critical Security Controls and includes 24 security awareness modules aimed at changing user behavior and reducing risk covers the cyber security awareness training requirements of CIP-004-6 R1 and CIP-003-6 R2, Attachment 1. The SANS NERC CIP training focuses on topic areas that can be confusing for compliance teams. Since the early days of CIP, the SANS CIP team works with regulators and monitors the activity of standards development teams, NERC CIPC, and regional CIP committees and user groups to stay on top of the latest developments.

SANS NERC CIP Training Screenshot

Learn the Essentials of NERC in a Live Setting

Involved in Critical Infrastructure but don't know best practices in NERC CIP protection standards? We've got you covered. Go beyond Security Awareness training by enrolling your staff in “The Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection. It's a live, 5-day training course. Give them the information they need to identify and categorize BES Cyber Systems and help determine the requirement for specific implementations. Our students love it!

SANS NERC CIP Live Training

This is best-in-class NERC CIP training. The courseware provides valuable compliance approaches and software tools for peer collaboration to build consent on implementation."

- Jeff Mantong, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) , Student at: ICS 456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection

NERC Expert-Led Security Awareness Training

Our in-house team of experts, a former NERC officer, former directors of CIP Compliance departments and an advisory panel of industry practitioners created the SANS NERC CIP Cyber Security Training.They aligned the content exactly to each of the NERC requirements: When you sit down across the table from your auditor you can be confident they'll clearly see how your training program meets the standard requirements.

Learn more about Our Experts

Who is behind the SANS Security Awareness? Learn more about our experts and the deep level of insight they provide on every possible cyber threat. 

Customizable NERC CIP Training Modules

  • Overview of FERC and NERC
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Operating Interconnected and Interdependent BES Cyber Systems
  • Asset Identification and Requirement Applicability
  • NERC CIP Policy Requirements
  • Electronic Access Controls
  • Physical Access Controls
  • Protecting BES Cyber System Information
  • Incident Response
  • BES Cyber System Recovery
  • CIP V3 – V6 Delta
  • CIP-014 Overview
  • Conclusion