The Partnership Between SANS & REN-ISAC

The SANS mission is to ensure that InfoSec practitioners in critical organizations have the skills to protect national security, while the REN-ISAC mission is to promote cyber security protection and response within the higher education and research communities. As a result of their overlapping missions, SANS and REN-ISAC have developed a partnership agreement that provides highly discounted training to constituencies who have a clear impact on national security, a large number of information security practitioners, and budget constraints that limit their access to necessary training.

Who is eligible for these prices?

This discounted pricing is only valid for accredited educational institution in the US or Canada including colleges, universities, technical training institutes, and K-12 schools.


Globally relevant, highly-interactive training covering the latest cyber threats makes cyber security training online a cinch. All training modules build on each other with assessments, quizzes and gamified content to enable you to get the most out of the learner’s time.


Capitalize on your training efforts by easily integrating our phishing training with other aspects of your program to evaluate success and reinforce behavior change.. Create custom phishing simulations and campaigns with our tiered-template methodology and get integrated reporting all from one platform.


Developers need specialized defense training when it comes to building and managing complex software and applications. Are they comfortable with the latest secure coding techniques in web application development? Reduce the chances your organization becomes a victim of a breach by developing secure code from the ground up.


A large variety of private information, health care records and patient data are a large source of cyber attacks. Get your entire organization trained to protect any personally identifiable information from getting into the hands of attackers.  


Have a team of engineers to train? This core set of modules focuses on security behaviors for individuals who interact with, operate, or support Industrial Control Systems. Protect your systems by teaching your engineers the latest defenses against ICS attacks.

Important Note: Delivery of the training solution will be deployed once full payment has been received.

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