Security Awareness Summit 2022: Austin, TX & Live Online

Save the Date! August 3-4, 2022

The Annual SANS Security Awareness Summit is the premier event for Security Awareness professionals in the industry. This two-day Summit includes expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking opportunities, and more. See a selection of presentations from our 2020 SANS Security Awareness Summit.

Automating Your Awareness Program

Blair Adamson, Cyber Influence - Senior Lead, Telstra 

Be honest; how much of your program is allocated to winning hearts and minds vs managing an Outlook distribution list and Excel spreadsheet? Your ambitions to keep growing your program are likely limited by the available resource or capacity within your team. But have you considered automating your program where it makes sense to do so? Over the past 18 months, Telstra’s – Australia’s largest telecommunications provider – Cyber Influence team has been using freely available automation tools in O365 to scale, optimise and now enhance their program; and the results speak for themselves.

The Pen Is the Mightiest Weapon of All

Steffanie AK Schilling, Information Technology Marketing & Communications, Steris 

Picture this: After embarking on your arduous journey of mitigating human cyber risk, the summit is finally in sight. A culture of security is sweeping the organization, you have allies in far-reaching corners and enthusiastic support from the highest reaches of leadership. Can you feel that? Are you yearning for that excitement, pride, and sense of accomplishment? You might be saying, “Yes! I want that! But how do we get there?” Facts and figures do not change minds; emotions do. Emotions not only affect our decisions, but even more fundamentally they determine whether or not we engage. By weaving stories into presentations, you have the power to engage the hearts of those around you, and in turn, capture minds. Join SANS Cybersecurity Difference Maker and Innovator Steffanie Schilling as she makes you into a master storyteller who creates allies and inspires action. You’ll learn to create a compelling vision and purpose, capture audience attention, facilitate understanding and memory recall, build support, and strengthen commitment to your initiatives.

May the Horse be With You

Lisa Plaggemier, Chief Strategist, MediaPRO 
Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist & Strategy Officer, KnowBe4, Inc. 

This session will guide the audience through a journey to create Trojan Horses for the Mind. We'll explore how to powerfully use images, sound, emotion, and stories to move beyond simple information delivery and create something that engages learners at a primal level. We’ll illustrate how this is done by looking at examples from popular culture (advertisements, movie clips, stock images, and podcasts), and then discussing how the principles from those examples can be implemented in a security awareness program. The session is vendor-agnostic and will focus on thought leadership and advice that will work with any vendor solution or home-grown program.

The Art of Ethical Influence

Luke Barnes, Managing Partner, Fidelis Risk Advisory 

Getting business leaders and employees to buy into security training and initiatives is not only hard but also sometimes discouraging, since it requires people to change existing behaviors. What if you had tactics to deliberately target and influence leaders and employees into taking action? Like the term “ethical hacking,” which implies that hacking can be done unethically, the word “influence” today has become something of an expletive. Yet, like hacking, influencing can be done ethically for the good of the organization. This presentation will explore the art of ethical influence in information security. InfoSec professionals often get bogged down on the technical side and forget that one of their most powerful tools to get things done is the ability to influence others. Attendees will learn actionable methodologies to ensure that motives and actions are ethical. They’ll also learn about the dynamics of an organizational climate, culture, and context; how to define a target audience, how to ascertain the proclivities and biases of leaders that contribute to their decision-making; how to craft messaging themes and connect business objectives to them; how to map out information conduits and channels and determine success criteria; and how to effectively and ethically influence targeted leaders and employees.

What 2020 Teaches Us About Cyber Security Awareness

Dr. Jessica Barker, Founder & CEO, Cygenta 

The challenges of 2020 have brought with them many lessons. As security awareness professionals, what can we take from 2020 and apply in 2021 – and beyond – to make us more effective at planning, communicating and influencing cyber security in our organizations and communities? In this keynote, Dr Jessica Barker draws on research, case studies and reflections from the year to consider how we can help people better-protect themselves from an ever-evolving and often unseen threat.


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