The 6th annual SANS Security Awareness Summit in San Diego was our biggest and best Summit yet! This two-day Summit includes expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking events, and more.

In a special beta-release, this year's Summit also featured an optional third half-day. Limited to 160 participants, people were able to experience even more learning and interaction, enabling people to make the most of both the event and our amazing community.

Learn all about the 2019 SANS Security Awareness Summit

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Want to revisit all of the SANS Security Awareness Summit archives? Access Summit slides and presentation decks, agendas, and more!

Catch up on Lance Spitzner's key takeaways from the 2019 SANS Security Awareness Summit. In his blog, he discusses his favorite moments, lessons learned, and provides predictions for the summit's success in future years. He even provides slides and presentation decks from top talks.

The 2019 SANS European Security Awareness Summit is almost here! Claim a remaining space or review course listings here.

In its first year ever, we offered a third-optional half day of workshopping and networking at the Summit. This extra time gave 160 participants the opportunity to learn about Instructional Design and a unique Birds of a Feather networking session. 

Review the schedule and course listing from the 2019 SANS Security Awareness Summit in San Diego.