Your Security Awareness Training Content Matters.

Cyber attackers modify their tactics. 
Content goes stale fast.

Your organization can't afford to rely on guesswork.

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Is your security awareness training content:

Vendor Companion Guide
  • Capable of being easily distributed?
  • Presented in a variety of training techniques?
  • Created by experts?
  • Sensitive to the variety in learning techniques?

Choosing the right content for your organization’s LMS platform is accompanied by several challenging variables.

Nurturing your security awareness program should be supported by a vendor who brings the reputation, expertise, and capabilities to help you create quality content for your organization.

Pinpointing that ideal vendor, however, comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Our Complete Selection Guide will help you to understand the common challenges that follow when narrowing down a vendor to provide content for your LMS and how to overcome them. 

Included in this guide is an interactive Selection Guide Checklist, giving you the capability to define the direct needs of your organization. Put yourself in the driver's seat of the conversation with your prospective vendor. This checklist lets you ask the necessary questions and set the expectations while selecting ideal vendor. 

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