Get the 2021 Security Awareness Report™: Managing Human Cyber Risk

Utilize data-driven actions to manage your human risk and push your program into the future of security awareness.

What is the SANS Security Awareness Report?

The 2021 SANS Security Awareness Report™: Managing Human Cyber Risk is the result of collecting and analyzing responses from more than 1,500 security awareness professionals around the globe. This truly is a report by the community for the community.

Want to know how your Security Awareness program is growing and maturing? Is it evolving to become a key part of your organizations ability to manage human cyber risk? The 6th annual 2021 SANS Security Awareness Report is chock full of the data you need to move your program and career to the next level.


On-Demand Insights Webinar

Listen to the on-demand webcast 2021 Security Awareness Report: Utilize Data-Driven Actions to Manage Your Human Risk with co-authors Lance Spitzner and Dan DeBeaubien to hear first-hand how the Report’s insights can influence the success of your program and career.

Get the scoop in the Security Awareness Blog! Report insights and conclusions from co-author Lance Spitzner in his post, “Insights from the 6th Annual SANS Security Awareness Report: Managing Human Risk”