The Hero’s Guide to Awareness Program Victory

When the awareness training content conundrum strikes, pair with the right content vendor to become the hero your program needs. 

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Most awareness training programs lack adequate staffing to dedicate the time, energy, and resources necessary for departments to roll up their sleeves and develop an effective awareness training strategy. Subsequently, organizations are looking to third-party vendors to help them tailor a program that inspires lasting behavior change.


But before appointing your vendor, download this guide. It outlines three essential considerations that go into partnering with the right awareness training content vendor for your learning management system. Also included is an exclusive checklist, which features dynamic questions to ask to determine the ideal vendor, including:

  • "Are there levels of learning to your training content? If so, what does that look like?"
  • "Does your core content training series include any supplemental training?"
  • "How long has your company been established? Can you tell me about who backs your training content?"

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