Security Awareness Interactive Training Modules

We offer a comprehensive set of cyber security awareness training activities for employees. Content developed by industry-leading experts, best-in-class learning principles capture interest and drive effectiveness.

Phishing Training

Capitalize on your training efforts by easily integrating our phishing training with other aspects of your program to evaluate success and reinforce behavior change. Create custom phishing simulations and campaigns with our tiered-template methodology and get integrated reporting all from one platform.


Globally relevant, highly-interactive training covering the latest cyber threats makes cyber security training online a cinch. All training modules build on each other with assessments, quizzes, and gamified content to enable you to get the most out of the learner’s time.


Have a team of engineers to train? This core set of modules focuses on security behaviors for individuals who interact with, operate, or support Industrial Control Systems. Protect your systems by educating your engineers about the latest defenses against ICS attacks.


Designed to meet the needs of the electric industry and people responsible for CIP compliance. Modules cover all levels or organizational hierarchy including the CIP senior manager, system operators, directors of CIP compliance, and VPs of operations.


Developers need specialized defense training when it comes to building and managing complex software and applications. Are they comfortable with the latest secure coding techniques in web application development? Reduce your organization's chances of becoming a victim of a breach by developing secure code from the ground up.


A large variety of private information, health care records, and patient data are a large source of cyber attacks. Get your entire organization trained to protect any personally identifiable information from getting into the hands of attackers.  

Looking to grow your knowledge of building, maintaining, and measuring a mature security awareness program? We have in-person training! Meet with your peers and take your training to a new level with SANS courses and summits.

Modular Online Security Awareness Training

What’s the difference between old security training and new, modular training? Old security training involves training a learner for a large chunk of time, once a year. New, modular training relies on a continual training model, one that offers timely, relevant content on current cyber threats, layered application of teaching through a variety of formats, segmented into small, learnable modules, and ongoing campaign training to increase retention and prevent security breaches.

SaaS-Based Learning Platform

Our Advanced Cybersecurity Learning Platform (ACLP) is an end-to-end security training platform. It’s the industry’s most powerful platform. Build campaigns, train your learners, and run phishing campaigns. Measure effectiveness and grow your program from one central location.


Which Learning Management System is Best?

Our entire training curriculum and modules are SaaS-based, meaning that we can fully support your training needs if your organization has its own Learning Management System. So no matter if you have your own LMS, want to utilize ours, or utilize a hybrid approach, we’ve got you covered. We support all standard language options, reporting capabilities, maintain SCORM compliance, and have the flexibility to customize our resources to fit your brand's needs.