Deep Dive into Protected Health Information

Healthcare organizations are responsible for protecting people’s most private and personal healthcare information. Once a breach occurs, the private data about an individual can never be recovered. There are simple steps to take in protecting sensitive customer data, but it’s vital to teach the right steps in your training program. Our training covers all critical concepts relating to PHI, regarding all aspects of protection, including email, social media, corporate devices and more.


Security Awareness Content that Covers All Health Regulations

SANS Security Awareness Healthcare Training program is built on the science of learning principles to engage the learner and to build on concepts. Overviews of Privacy and Security Acts, PHI, HIPAA and HITECH are covered along with advanced information on security actions and scenarios to teach learners how to react in a variety of situations as they move through the training curriculum.


Training Modules

Fundamental Training

  • Regulations and Healthcare
  • The Privacy Act
  • The Security Act

People, Citizens, & Healthcare

  • You Are the Target
  • Social Engineering
  • Privacy
  • Ethics
  • Protected Health Information Overview (PHI)
  • Protecting Confidential Information that is not PHI
  • Help Desk Responsibilities to Protect PHI
  • IT Staff Responsibilities to Protect PHI
  • Leadership Responsibilities to Protect PHI
  • Physical Security of PHI
  • Cameras in Medical Offices
  • Insider Threat to PHI
  • Reporting Trouble

Data Protection

  • Passwords
  • Encryption
  • Properly Disposing of PHI
  • Protecting PHI in Email
  • Protecting PHI Online
  • Protecting PHI in Social Media
  • Corporate Mobile Devices vs. Personal Devices (BYOD)
  • Protection PHI on Wireless Networks
  • Protecting PHI while Working Remotely
  • Cloud Computing and PHI
  • Mobile Device Security

Specialized Training

  • International Travel
  • Business Associates and PHI
  • Medical Device Security
  • Security Officers Overview (HIPAA)
  • Privacy Officers Overview (HIPAA)
  • EU Data Protection Directive