Engineer Training Keeps ICS Systems Secure

Engineer-focused Security Awareness Training is Critical

The frequency and potential severity of ICS security incidents are on the rise - but quality security awareness training prevent  all kinds of attacks. Our training allows engineers and other staff who interact with ICS to move beyond the concept of “think secure” by teaching behaviors that will help prevent compromise in the first place.


Teach Everyone in Operations Technology

From plant managers to operations engineers to VP of operations and everything in between - each individual has an important role in protecting the infrastructure of major industries. Individuals in these environments often receive training better suited for the corporate environment or no security training at all.  When considering that many systems were initially designed without security in mind, the need for ICS specific training is obvious. SANS Training covers every aspect with the unique needs of ICS learner in mind, giving them the information and tools they need to protect and defend all types of control systems including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or other small systems such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).


Our training does. With more industries turning to cloud interconnectivity and new technology changes with the addition of mobile devices or IoT tech, there are more opportunities than ever for a cyber attacker to do real and significant damage. From attack surfaces, to incident handling with special modules on attack scenarios - we ensure every learner involved in ICS knows how to safeguard all aspects of your organization’s systems.


Training Modules

ICS Security Awareness Training

  •  Overview of ICS         
  • ICS Drivers and Constraints         
  • Overview of ICS Attacks         
  • ICS Attack Surfaces         
  • ICS Server Security         
  • ICS Network Security         
  • ICS System Maintenance         
  • ICS Information Assurance         
  • ICS Incident Handling         
  • Attack Scenario

I head up the Cyber Awareness program for TransCanada. We chose to partner with SANS Security Awareness after seeing the quality training materials that they had available for us to use in the program. The games, spot videos and course materials are what we need to take our security awareness program to the next level. SSA has very high quality materials for ICS/Engineers that we are looking at incorporating into the program in 2019.

Patrick Sharp , TransCanada