SANS Security Awareness Partner Program

Benefits of Working with SANS Partners

Partners are the foundation of SANS success. Our partner ecosystem seamlessly integrates with your company to help you meet your technology, business and budgetary goals. The SANS partner network is global, bringing together some of the best tech talent across the globe to help you successfully implement a SANS solution. Security awareness is increasingly important, as evidenced by the recent Verizon Data Breach Report estimating that 85% of breaches are due to human risk-and you need the right technology and training to achieve it. We can help. Get expert, hands-on help to find the best solutions to meet the evolving needs of your organization.


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"SANS Security Awareness allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive training program, with content designed by industry experts coming in many different models so to meet any customer’s need. The collaboration with SANS Institute started at the right time and has allowed us to respond to a growing demand from our customers." - Elena Castelvecchio, Security Sales Specialist, CREAplus Italia