Frequently Asked Questions

90-day Free License for MGT433 and MGT521 Students

1. What is the SANS Security Awareness library of content?
SANS Security Awareness, a division of the SANS Institute, provides organizations with a complete and comprehensive security awareness solution, enabling them to easily and effectively manage their human cybersecurity risk. Training topics include:

  • EndUser
  • Phishing Tools
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Developer
  • Healthcare

2. Why did I receive access to the SSA library of content?
As of December 2020, students of MGT433: Managing Human Risk: Mature Security Awareness Programs, and MGT521: Leading Cybersecurity Change: Building Security-Based Cultures, will receive a free 90-day license to the entire SANS Security Awareness library of content at no additional cost.

3. How long does my access last?
The free license lasts for 90 days from the date the access is granted and email is sent to the student.

4. How do I gain access to the SSA 90-day free license?
You can expect to receive an email from system@litmos.com with your login information the first of the month after your course begins.

5. Where do I go for tech support?
If you are having trouble getting your free 90-day license up and running, please email traininghelp@sans.org.

6. Where can I learn more information about the SSA offerings?
Visit our website here and learn about our specific product offerings here.

7. Where can I send feedback and non-technical questions?
While we have a large pool of security expertise to help author our training, we want to hear from the community at large on how we are doing. If there are added topics that you’d like to see SANS cover we’d love to hear about it! Please email SSAcontentfeedback@sans.org with your ideas.