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Crystal City, VA | MGT521 (Beta): Driving Cybersecurity Change - Establishing a Culture of Protect, Detect and Respond

Tue, Nov 12 - Wed, Nov 13, 2019 

This course will teach leaders how to leverage the principles of organizational change, enabling them to develop, maintain and measure a security-driven culture. Through hands-on, real-world instruction and a series of interactive labs and exercises in which you will apply the concepts of organizational change to a variety of different security initiatives, you will quickly learn how to embed cybersecurity into your organizational culture.


London, UK | MGT433: How to Build, Maintain, and Measure a Mature Awareness Program

Mon, Nov 18 - Tue, Nov 19, 2019 - SANS European Security Awareness Summit, London, UK

Once trained, your workforce will become your greatest asset, not only in preventing incidents but being able to quickly identify and report them, developing a far more resilient organization. I am extremely excited about MGT433, as we provide organizations with the skills, resources and community they need to build a high-impact security awareness program that will not only change behaviors, but also measure that change.

- Lance Spitzner



London, United Kingdom - European Security Awareness Summit 2019

Wed, Nov 20 - Thu, Nov 21, 2019 - European Security Awareness Summit 2019, London, UK

The 5th annual SANS European Security Awareness Summit is on and it’s lining up to be bigger and better than ever. Every year, we strive to provide the very best forum for security awareness officers looking to take their program to the next level! Our promise is to provide actionable lessons you can take back and apply right away within your own organization, with a focus on your industry, employee base, and current maturity level. This two-day Summit includes expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking events, and more!


Washington, DC | MGT433: How to Build, Maintain, and Measure a Mature Awareness Program

Tue, Dec 10 - Wed, Dec 11, 2019 - Cyber Defense Initiative 2019

This intense two-day course is designed for those establishing a new security awareness program or wanting to improve an existing one. Here are just some of the things you'll be able to do through taking this course:

  • Identify the maturity level of your existing awareness program and the steps to take it to the next level
  • Gain and maintain long-term leadership support for your program
  • Identify the different targets of your awareness program and build a role-based training program
  • Characterize the culture of your organization and determine the most effective communication methods and training modalities for that culture
  • Identify, measure, and prioritize your human risks
  • Design and implement key metrics to measure the impact of each stage of your awareness program, to include measuring compliance, behaviors, and culture

OnDemand MGT433: How to Build, Maintain, and Measure a Mature Awareness Program

This OnDemand training gives you anytime, anywhere access to our world leading information security training. Learn the most effective way to secure the human element by establishing a mature security awareness program that goes beyond just compliance, changes peoples' behaviors and ultimately creates a secure culture. Taught by Lance Spitzner, this intense OnDemand course will teach you the key concepts and skills needed to do just that, and is designed for those establishing a new program or wanting to improve an existing one.


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