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MGT433: Managing Human Risk - Mature Security Awareness Programs

Having been actively involved in information security for more than 20 years, I have seen one constant factor: people are the number one target for cyber attackers because we fail to properly invest in and secure them. Once trained, your workforce will become your greatest asset, not only in preventing incidents but being able to quickly identify and report them, developing a far more resilient organization. I am extremely excited about MGT433, as we provide organizations with the skills, resources and community they need to build a high-impact security awareness program that will not only change behaviors, but also measure that change.

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MGT521 - Five Day Security Culture Course

SANS course MGT521 will teach leaders how to leverage the principles of organizational change, enabling them to develop, maintain and measure a security driven culture. Through hands-on, real-world instruction and a series of interactive labs and exercises in which you will apply the concepts of organizational change to a variety of different security initiatives, you will quickly learn how to embed cybersecurity into your organizational culture.

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