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Editor's Note: National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is coming up and we are enabling organizations to make this most of October.  Every Monday, we will be posting a new blog on how to make the most of NCSAM and the NCSAM Planning Kit.  The planning kit is everything you need for a successful October, to include daily activities, resources and templates. This week we focus on Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace

It's time to pump-up the volume for National Cyber Security Awareness Month and focus on how people can secure themselves at work.   This is a critical topic as some risks are unique at work (examples include CEO Fraud, Data Protection, specific compliance requirements, etc).  In addition, many employees have the misconception that their behaviors have no impact to security, that your organization already has all the technical controls in place to fully secure them.  As such, we need to make sure that employees not only understand they are a target, but that an aware employee is your organization's best defense against these attacks.   To help you do just that, for this week's kit we include the following:

  • Monday: A communications template that helps you communicate to your organization what is coming this week.
  • Tuesday:  Distribute the OUCH newsletter on CEO Fraud, a common and growing targeted attack in most work environments.  Remember you can find OUCH in 25 different languages in the OUCH Archives.
  • Wednesday:  Ensure your staff understand they are a target through the "You Are a Target" poster.  Distribute digitally or print copies.
  • Thursday:  Link to our new Targeted Attacks video so your staff can learn just how they may be targeted at work and what they can do to protect themselves.
  • Friday: Share the Tip of the Day program with your staff.  Every day we post a new security awareness tip.  In addition each tip links to an OUCH newsletter that has even more information on that specific topic.

NCSAM is a tremendous opportunity to build awareness in your organization and ultimately develop a secure culture. For more ideas on how to build a high-impact awareness program, check out these upcoming webcasts, two day courses and the European Security Awareness Summit 11 Nov in London.