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Security Isn’t Just a Job, It’s a Lifestyle

Cybercrime doesn’t sleep. Neither should our defenses—whether we’re in the office or at home.

Championing a Strong Security Culture, Together

Cybercrime has been on a steady rise for decades. While it might seem like this is something that only cyber security administrators and IT experts need to concern themselves with, we each have a role to play when it comes to our collective safety online, both in the office and at home. The way we best stay protected is by banding together and adopting cyber safety as part of our lifestyle. We each have a lot to lose. It’s up to us to make the right move.

Key Security Behaviors to Protect Yourself & Your Organization from Ransomware

SANS Security Awareness Jingle: #MakeTheRightMove

Add an extra layer of awareness with these security tips and reveal the Cyber Rock Star you are.

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Dial Up Your Security to 11

Take your security awareness program to the next level and apply a wider variety of lessons with the Make the Right Move Box Set! This kit includes two additional Greatest Hits Jingles and Liner Notes with practical tips on phishing protection, password security, and safeguarding your devices.

Featured Livestream

Join SANS Certified Instructor, Ryan Chapman, for a live and lively discussion on what he considers to be best practices for ransomware prevention from a security perspective including tips for password hygiene, phishing avoidance, and device protection.

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Snack Attack

Dive Deeper Into Ransomware Awareness With Snack Attack!

Are you managing Security Awareness programs for a large group or corporate organization? Snack Attack is an interactive ransomware awareness game that is ideal for Cybersecurity Awareness Month deployments and even beyond the month of October. Multilingual, LMS-ready with built-in reporting capabilities, Snack Attack might just be the missing piece in your awareness planning toolkit.

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