Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt 2021: Investigate, Detect, and Save the Sauce!

Create a Team of Cyber Heroes and Shield Your Organization from Cyberattacks!

Humans, while sometimes considered the weakest link in an organization's cyber defenses, are in reality, the most powerful shield a company can leverage against cyberattacks. With the right training and support, you can turn your workforce into the best line of defense — all working together towards the same mission of defending against cyber criminals and creating a secure environment.

We Built It. You Launch It. Employees Win.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you so that you can spend time on what matters the most — getting the right training to your employees. We’ve teamed up with Security Awareness expert Neaka Lynn Balloge to build a fun, engaging, and ready-to-launch scavenger hunt that will engage your employees and reinforce key security policies. Employees will earn points as they race against the ransomware clock to compete in the four challenges in the Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt. Each Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt comes with a complete game toolkit that covers everything from a rollout plan calendar, game rules, communication tools and promotional assets, prize and award ceremony tip sheet, and more!

Planning for Cybersecurity Awareness Month Webcast

Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt Webcast with Neaka Lynn Balloge 
Gearing up for Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the perfect time to add the Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt into your security awareness program and prepare for an October launch.

Meet the mastermind behind the SANS Security Awareness Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt Neaka Lynn Balloge, for an interactive webcast to learn how to run a fun and effective digital scavenger program that will engage your employees and reinforce key security policies.


"Like many of you, I’m a lone ranger, a team of one, and am always looking for fun and creative ways to engage our people. Scavenger Hunts are a great way to offer exploratory learning opportunities and are even better when the heavy lifting of creating it has been done for you!" - N. Balloge, Program Manager for Security Awareness and Training, Cvent