Secure the Sauce Scavenger Hunt 2021: Investigate, Detect, and Save the Sauce!

Your Biggest Ransomware Defense is YOUR WORKFORCE

Ransomware continues to pose direct, and often immediate, threats to business operations around the globe. Attacks often leave organizations with little time to mitigate impact, restore systems, or even assess damage before it's too late.

With the volume and cost of ransomware attacks growing daily, organizations must be prepared. With 82% of breaches involving the human factor 1, it’s clear that workforce end users represent a significant threat vector.

But with the right training, these same users can become your best defense against ransomware attacks.

Shake Things Up and Engage Your Workforce with Standalone Training

Ideal for Cybersecurity Awareness Month or as part of any supplemental training. Snack Attack! is designed to engage learners while giving them the tools necessary to prevent ransomware attacks from derailing your business objectives. In what promises to be the most captivating awareness program of the year, your learners will participate in fun, gamified exercises while learning how to thwart off ransomware attacks. All activities are tightly aligned to measurable learning outcomes and are driven by creative storytelling, fun interactive elements, and stunning visuals to engage diverse workforces.
People Working on Computers

Download the Snack Attack! Companion Toolkit and Stay Ahead of Ransomware Threats Today

Stolen credentials and phishing attacks combined account for over 60 percent of cyber breaches and a full quarter of those involve ransomware. 1 To kickstart your cybersecurity awareness month campaign, we've developed a ransomware survival guide.

Used to accompany a Snack Attack! deployment, or as a complimentary resource to other awareness programs, the toolkit provides the expert insights and prescient guidance you expect from SANS in an easy-to-implement format.


"Like many of you, I’m a lone ranger, a team of one, and am always looking for fun and creative ways to engage our people. Scavenger Hunts are a great way to offer exploratory learning opportunities and are even better when the heavy lifting of creating it has been done for you!" - N. Balloge, Program Manager for Security Awareness and Training, Cvent