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For the motivated student who enjoys working independently we offer the SANS SelfStudy program. Students receive SANS course books (and CDs when applicable) and online access to MP3 files of SANS' world-class instructors teaching the material. Study texts and listen to the lectures at your own convenience and pace! In addition, students who register for GIAC Certification will receive TWO free GIAC practice tests. These practice tests show the student what to expect on the GIAC examination. Since many students may have been out of school for a long time, practicing test taking skills can improve their chances of passing the GIAC exams.

Students in the SelfStudy Program receive:

  • SANS printed course books and CD (CD not applicable to certain courses)
  • Two GIAC Practice Tests for each exam required for certification (GIAC Certification students only)
  • Four-month online access to MP3 files of the course taught by the world's best instructors

Students who register for SANS SelfStudy are also eligible to purchase an associated proctored GIAC certification attempt for an additional cost of $659 at the time of registration for SelfStudy. If you decide to purchase an attempt at the associated GIAC certification at a later date, you may do so through the GIAC Challenge Certification Program for a cost of $999.

To take a SelfStudy course you will need:

  • A computer with an Internet connection (28.8K modem or better; 56K or better recommended)
  • An Internet browser (Netscape 4.x / Internet Explorer 4.x or higher)
  • An MP3-compatible multimedia player (for audio - various freeware players exist)