Online Security Training: Specials

Online Security Training:

Two Online Training specials are currently available:

OnDemand Special

Take 10% Off all eligible OnDemand courses through August 20, 2014. OnDemand courses allow you to train any time of day, from anywhere, using a custom e-learning software platform. OnDemand courses also give you access to all normal training materials and Subject Matter Experts.

vLive Special

Receive a complimentary GIAC Certification exam with vLive courses through August 20, 2014. vLive courses allow you to train online, in the evenings with live instruction, and include 6 months of online course access.

Looking to maximize your budget or extend your fiscal year funds?

The SANS Universal Voucher Credit Program allows your organization to make an initial training investment and earn bonus savings on that investment. SANS will give you an additional 5% bonus if you use your Voucher Credits exclusively for SANS OnDemand or vLive training.

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