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Demisto Security Orchestration Workshop - Contest for Best Playbook

  • Sponsored by Demisto
  • Wednesday, April 4th, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

While at the SANS Cyber Security event in Orlando (April 3-10), you should attend a 2-hour product test drive sponsored by Demisto.

Working in teams of 2-3 people, you'll learn the basics of Demisto Enterprise (a security orchestration, automation, and response [SOAR] platform) â and be tasked with building a playbook to automate incident response tasks.

You'll also learn the power of real-time collaboration and ChatOps to solve complex incidents in a team environment as well as various tips and tricks from our security research team.

Other highlights of the training will show you how to:

- Solve incidents faster with automation,

- Become more efficient by letting Dbot handle your mundane tasks, and

- Auto-document all your investigations for compliance and audit adherence.

Contest Winner Announced: $250 Amazon Gift Card

At the end of the training, youâll be given 24 hours to build a playbook based on specified parameters. Youâll submit the playbook through the Demisto Enterprise instance and the playbook winner will be announced on the private and DFIR Slack Channel. The winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Windermere Y Room

Prep / Homework for the Class

As a way to familiarize yourself with the product, download Demisto's free Edition version. Once you have access to the product, you'll also get access to the product documentation and a private Slack channel where youâll be walked through the basics.

Demisto Free Edition Download



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