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Bonus Session Registration

SANS Startup 360

  • Moderator/Timekeeper: John Pescatore, SANS Director Emerging Security Trends
  • Wednesday, September 27th, 7:15pm - 8:15pm

This session will be a "SANS Startup 360" session to allow SANS Baltimore students and other invited cybersecurity attendees to gain insight into potentially useful new products and services, as well as enable local cybersecurity startups to get some exposure to the SANS community. "SANS 360" sessions are lightning round, elevator pitch style presentations by between 6 - 10 speakers in 60 minutes. For this "SANS Startup 360" session, the format will be:

  • Moderator/Timekeeper: John Pescatore, SANS Director Emerging Security Trends
  • 6 - 10 minutes per presenter (depending on number of startups selected)
    • Startup presenters must focus on how product/service solves an important problem by increasing efficiency or effectiveness of real world cybersecurity programs against real world threats.
    • 1 slide or 1 minute allowed for marketing information
  • Final 15 minutes will be for Pescatore-directed and audience questions.
  • Refreshments will be provided for audience/presenter networking after the session

Startup companies that are currently planning to present include AtomicMole, Cryptonite NXT, Cyber Crucible, Huntress Labs, Newedge Labs, OnSystem Logic, Polarity, SecondWrite, and Syncurity.


Space is limited, please register if you would like to attend:


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