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Author - John Pescatore

Twelve Word Tuesday: Everyone Talks About Passwords, Only Consumer Services Seem to Do Something

Even Dropbox now supports two factor authentication - Enterprise security lagging consumer services? Article here.

Twelve Word Tuesday: Cyber Intelligence Sharing is an Enduring, Shiny Busy Box for Legislators

Cyber sharing legislation:washing the car when the engine makesscarynoises.

Twelve Word Tuesday: ISAOs: Progress or Just Petronius-like Re-org Effect?

Effective SOC processes more badly needed than more threat sharing between SOCs. Details on "Petronius" quote on re-orgs here.

Twelve Word Tuesday: OPM Was Continuosly Monitoring 97% of Assets - Just Missed the Important Ones

FISMA Scoring: OPM high continuous monitoring scores - measured by quantity, not criticality.

Twelve Word Tuesday: SSL Everywhere Is Like Putting Radon Gas Removal Before Roof Shingles

Scary:all those government vulnerabilities that won't get fixed to fund HTTPS://*.gov News hook here.