Why Security Validation Matters: Automated Security Validation with Pentera

The range of threats that organizations face continue to grow and mature daily as attackers discover new techniques and exploits. Old vulnerabilities remain unpatched as new vulnerabilities are released, and the looming threat of ransomware doesn’t spare even the best laid plans of an organization. For too often, security controls are implemented with little to no testing and expected to stop every incident that may walk through the door. However, security controls only function properly when tested continuously to ensure they can stand up to ever-evolving threats.

In this webcast, we will discuss our review of Pentera, an automated security validation platform with vulnerability identification and management baked in. Join us to discuss key features of the Pentera platform:

  • Live updates as an attack progresses through an organization, including systems and attackers TTPs, providing defenders real-time insight into adversary tactics,
  • Instant ranking of test results and achievements, complete with attack patterns and mapping to MITRE’s ATT&CK Matrix, and
  • Outcome-specific recommendations, designed to help organizations mitigate and/or prevent threat actor techniques from achieving success.


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