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So What's It Mean To Hack a Car

  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST (2017-02-21 18:00:00 UTC)
  • Matthew Carpenter

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The term "Hacking" has been used to describe everything from modifying the backup-lights on your 78 Monza to remote-controlling someone else's Jeep whilst they drive it. I often get requests to "Hack" someone's car (mostly professionally speaking) which typically sparks a long conversation trying to determine what precisely their desire is. In light of research made public in 2015 and 2016, "car hacking" can evoke a certain sense of dread. However in an industry which is still in process of engaging appropriate security assessment practices and relationships, we need more than just dread. We need a common understanding. Join us as we discuss the various aspects of "Hacking" a car, what it means, and how to talk about it.

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Speaker Bio

Matthew Carpenter

Matthew Carpenter is a Principal Security Researcher with Grimm (SMFS) performing deep security research for .com, .gov, and .mil. Matthew's expertise is in reverse-engineering, vulnerability research, exploit weaponization, hardware/software/firmware/Automotive/IoT/ICS/AMI/Radio, Symbolic analysis, generalized hacker techniques, and teaching. He has a detailed background in Risk analysis/mitigation, Penetration Testing at all levels (hw/sw/net/web/physical). Matthew is former vice-chair of UCAIUG AMI-SEC Task Force and SG Security, and lead the Vulnerabilities team for NIST Cyber Security Coordination Task Force developing NISTIR-7628. He is a former member of the Advanced Security Acceleration Project for the Smart Grid (ASAP-SG), and was the Red-team lead for Advanced Security Acceleration Project (AMI-SEC/ASAP). Matthew is an entertaining and informative speaker, and is a repeat speaker at many Hacker/ICS/SCADA conferences, domestic and abroad.

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