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Spamhaus DNS Firewall ( DNS RPZ ) - DNS as a 'Critical Choke Point' to Block Resolution of Known Malicious Sites

  • Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 at 10:30 AM EST (14:30:00 UTC)
  • Matt Stith
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  • SecurityZONES

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Threat Intelligence on known malicious sites (malware, ransomware, bots, etc) is packaged into data Zones, which are consumed by a DNS resolver to block access to known malicious sources on the internet. Fast, timely updates (every 1 minute) enable an advanced layer of protection for all users, all applications, and all protocols. 

A highly effective and critical choke point against ongoing attacks such as ransomware and malware, RPZ blocks both incoming and outgoing malicious sources from entering a network.

Join Matt Stith, Product Manager for Deteque (a division of Spamhaus), who will outline Spamhaus' 18+ year track record as a trusted third party and provider of threat intelligence used by companies worldwide to protect their users and networks from malicious threats. In addition, he will present a real life case study demonstrating how Response Policy Zones (RPZ) intelligence blocks threats and chokes botnet activity, plus the practical steps you can make to setup and begin using RPZ to protect your DNS infrastructure from malicious parties.

Speaker Bio

Matt Stith

Matt Stith is the product manager for Spamhaus Technology's Response Policy Zones and related products. Matt is a 9 year veteran in the internet anti-abuse industry with his time at Rackspace Hosting working on the Acceptable Use Team. In addition to his anti-abuse work at Rackspace he assisted the legal department with Law Enforcement requests and testimony. He also is currently serving on the M3AAWG board of directors as vice chairman.

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