Single-Agent Cyber Security Analytics: A SANS Review of the Cybereason Platform

  • Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018 1:00PM EDT (24 Jul 2018 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Israel Barak, Dave Shackleford

Successfully managing an endpoint detection and response solution combined with an analytics platform can be a daunting task, with multiple agents and consoles to consult before security personnel can take any action. SANS analyst and instructor Dave Shackleford reviewed the Cybereason cyber security analytics platform because it offers a single agent, single console solution that has the potential to help security analysts manage endpoint security throughout the attack lifecycle.

Attendees at this webcast will follow an incident through the attack lifecycle and see how the Cybereason platform addresses the following issues:

  • Administrative action, including user and alert configurations, sensor profiles, and behavioral whitelisting
  • Prevention through the use of static and dynamic analysis
  • Malops detection through AI hunting, including visual reporting '
  • Investigation
  • Remediation
  • Threat hunting

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View the associated whitepaper here.