The Problems with the Dark Web: From Crime to Complicated Crawling

  • Thursday, 23 Feb 2017 3:00PM EST (23 Feb 2017 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Emily Wilson, Alex Viana

Want to know whats been happening on the dark web? And how to safely detect your sensitive data if it shows up somewhere it shouldn't?

Dark web vendors have thoroughly systematized the fraud trade: offering everything from bank drops to fullz to credit cards or music-streaming credentials.

Unlike the clear web, dark web sites are both more difficult to find, and not as keen to be indexed. So while building a conventional web crawler is an increasingly common and well-understood problem, crawling the so-called dark web is a significantly more difficult problem.

Attend this webinar to learn more about what's really taking place on the far corners of the Internet, including:

-- - - What are the prominent types of data on the dark web

-- - - The challenges inherent in crawling the dark web

-- - - How to safely discover where your data is