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Mobile Security Solutions Forum

  • Friday, February 19th | 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM ESTFriday, February 19, 2021 at 10:30 AM EST (2021-02-19 15:30:00 UTC)
  • Heather Mahalik

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Event Overview

Industry experts agree that smartphone users often assign a higher value to the data stored on their mobile device than actual value of the smartphone itself. This logic also applies to laptops and tablets. Yet, while many people know they should secure the valuable data on their computers, they frequently dont extend that protection to whats on their mobile devices.

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets continuing to rise, mobile devices are becoming more of a target to cybercriminals. Many individuals are using smaller devices as they would a desktop or laptop computer. They are storing more personal data and connecting apps to GPS, financial, storage, health, and more without taking the time to read and understand what information theyre allowing them to track, store, and share.

Taking time to understand the latest malware, smartphone operating systems, third-party applications, acquisition shortfalls, extraction techniques (jailbreaks and roots) and encryption is key in keeping mobile security safe in the digital era. Getting a basic understanding of mobile device forensics will arm users with the knowledge needed to protect information on their equipment that could otherwise be used to harm them.

This forum will explore various mobile security topics through invited speakers while showcasing current capabilities available today. Presentations will focus on case-studies and thought leadership using specific examples relevant to the industry as we know it.

Relevant topics:

  •  Smartphone Forensic Analysis
  •  Malware and Spyware on Smartphones
  •  Smartphone File Systems and Data Structures
  •  Handling Locked and Encrypted Devices
  •  Incident Response Considerations for Smartphones
  •  Connection Between Computer and Mobile Browser Artifacts
  •  Trust jacking, Public Wi-Fi, and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Speaker Bio

Heather Mahalik

Heather Mahalik is a SANS senior instructor and course lead for FOR585: Smartphone Forensic Analysis In-Depth. As the senior director of digital intelligence at Cellebrite, Heather focuses on forensic research and making the community smarter on all aspects of digital intelligence. Her background in digital forensics and e-discovery covers smartphone, mobile device, Mac and Windows forensics, including acquisition, analysis, advanced exploitation, vulnerability discovery, malware analysis, application reverse-engineering and manual decoding. Prior to joining Cellebrite, Heather focused on mobile device forensics in support of the federal government and served as a technical lead performing forensic examinations for high-profile cases. Heather maintains, where she blogs and shares presentations.

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