Kubernetes & Container Security Solutions Forum 2022

  • Friday, 26 Aug 2022 10:30AM EDT (26 Aug 2022 14:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Magno Logan

Containers have become the primary approach to distributing and deploying software for many organizations. Unfortunately, containerized applications can quickly become hard to manage on a large scale using the command line. That’s why container orchestration solutions such as Kubernetes are helping with this adoption and have become vital for organizations leveraging containers. There are many benefits of automating tasks for deployment, scaling, updates, and the overall management of containerized applications. However, it is essential to realize that these tools can also create vulnerabilities in your environment without appropriate security measures in place.
According to the latest reports, over 86% of the organizations leverage Kubernetes to manage their container workloads. As a result, attackers are shifting their focus to these technologies for their attacks. First with compromised and vulnerable containers, and lately focusing exposed and misconfigured clusters. It is vital to have the right tools in place to protect your environment against such attacks. Approaches such as image scanning, admission controllers, and runtime security are very relevant in these scenarios. By leveraging the right tools, you will better understand your container environment and detect different misconfigurations and compromise attempts.