An Intro to C for Windows Devs

  • Monday, 12 Jun 2023 2:00PM EDT (12 Jun 2023 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Jonathan Reiter, Jason Spataro

Download the lab instructions.

This will be the first part in a series of workshops that introduce students to the C programming language, specifically for the Windows platform. The items discussed in this workshop series will serve as a prerequisite for those interested in taking the SEC670 course. This first part will cover basic items such as, setting up Visual Studio Community, creating a project, developing your first project, etc. We will then dive into C itself covering data types, the anatomy of a function, statements, variables, directives, and debugging.

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System Requirements:

  • Host system must be 64 bit, ARM is not supported.
  • Windows 7 to Windows 11 21H2 and higher
  • Recommended CPU should be quad-core or better 
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Installation requires about 50GB of space. Recommended to have at least 100GB of free space
  • VS2019 Community, install C/C++ plugin during installation and setup