Human-Powered Security with HackerOne

Human-powered security—aka community-driven bug bounties—can be a game changer for your offensive security strategy. Complementary to red teaming and penetration testing, bug bounties can help organizations enhance their security posture, protect customer data, and ensure business continuity. In this webcast, we’ll examine the unique advantages of these programs, from advanced threat detection to continuous security improvements.

We examine this through the lens of three industry:

  • Financial Services
  • Retail/E-Commerce
  • Online Services Companies

We use these industries as a lens to explore the benefits that bug bounty programs can offer to organizations of all sizes to help increase the ROI of their offensive security strategies. Furthermore, we’ll also examine the benefits of Return on Mitigation (ROM) as a metric, showcasing ways to identify and examine the cost-effectiveness of proactive security measures.

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